North, South Korea clash at sea before Obama visit

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This is the third clash over the course of ten years. Why is this keep happening?

Read the analysis below.


Is it possible for anyone to travel North Korea?

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The answer is “yes” but for South Korean citizens, it is almost impossible at the moment.

Read this article if you’d like to visit NK.


North Korea – Famine – ABC Australia

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A downturn of human rights in North Korea

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Below are some articles on human rights issues in North Korea. People are starving to death as foreign aid goes directly to the hands of Kim Jung Il which then ends up being spent for making nuclear bombs and missiles.

Interesting differences a North Korean refugee (38 years old) felt living in South Korea.

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He was astonished when he saw

1. Well –equipped handicapped accessible subway stations. When he was in North Korea, he thought half of South Koreans were handicapped (this shows the cruelty of North Korea’s propaganda).

2. Free food sample stands at grocery stores. He says if this were to happen in North Korea, people there would fight for the food and make a huge scene.

3. Parked cars on the streets – He says North Koreans would break the windows and steal everything including the tires.

4. Forests. Most of the mountains and hills in North Korea are treeless.

5. The flag of South Korea. He had never seen it in North Korea.

    North Korean Refugees in China

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    North Korean refugees in China can’t get any medical treatment nor can they legally work or go to school.  Living in North Korea could be worse, but their life in China doesn’t seem much better. They always have to live in fear because if they get caught, they will be sent back to North Korea and the payback is said to be very severe. There have been “Save North Korean Refugees Events” and the letter below went out to people around the world. It’s about time to raise awareness and there is also contact information below for any questions.






    Dear Friends:

    Save North Korean Refugees Events to Be Held on September 24: Please take part in the special events being held around the world to focus attention on the plight of the North Korean refugees in China that will be held on Thursday, September 24. We have been organizing the International Protest to Save North Korean Refugees for many years during the month of December, but this year we are hosting much earlier because of the rapidly deteriorating situation in North Korea and the increasing sense of urgency to focus attention on the refugees. The date of September 24, 2009 was selected because that is the date in 1982 that China became a signatory to the 1951 Refugees Convention, the very agreement it is violating by its repatriation of North Korean refugees. We must call attention to China’s violation of this agreement as it is becoming increasingly more known the horrors that the refugees are facing both in China and when they are repatriated.

    Listed below are the city and country coordinators confirmed so far, most of whom will be delivering letters/petitions at noon on September 24 to the China’s embassies and consulates calling on China to abide by the 1951 Refugee Convention and Protocol and to work with the international community to save the North Korean refugees in China. Also, because we feel the USA should be doing more, we are also planning several events in Washington, D.C. on that day, while other coordinators are staging demonstrations, vigils, and other activities. Please contact these city and country coordinators if you can help BUT also if you have contacts in countries not listed, let us know, as we want to have as many countries involved as possible.

    We want the People’s Republic of China to feel the presence and concern at as many consulates and embassies as possible from around the world as anything we do will be reported back to Beijing.

    The city and country coordinators are listed below and special additional events are also noted:

    United States of America:

    Chicago: contact Linda Dye of the North Korea Freedom Coalition is planning a peaceful protest from 12 – 2 and delivery of a petition;

    Houston: contact Captain & Pastor Stephen Na of the Salvation Army Church

    Los Angeles: Sam Kim and the Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom at; Sam Kim and KCC are organizing a vigil and will deliver a petition to the PRC consulate on the 24th. In addition, they are hosting a special event on September 25th especially for educating young people about the North Korea human rights crisis.

    New York City: Michelle Kim and PSALT will be delivering a petition to the PRC consulate as well as hosting a special prayer vigil that evening.

    San Francisco: Liz Oh at

    Washington, DC:

    10.30 AM: Demonstration and Press Conference. The North Korea Freedom Coalition and member groups, HANKR (Helping Angels for North Korean Refugees), and 318 Partners, will be hosting a press conference with North Korean refugees who have resettled in the USA. They will speak along with Pastor Heemoon Lee, Vice Chairmain of the North Korea Freedom Coalition, & Steve Kim, American hero and refugee rescuer. We will deliver a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with action items for the USA to help the North Korean refugees. Location: Meet across the street from the U.S. State Department Office (2201 C Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20520).

    12:00 NOON: Protest at Chinese Embassy. Deliver Petition and Protest against China’s repatriation policy and inhumane treatment of North Korean Defectors. Location: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, 3505 International Place, NW, Wasington, D.C. 20008

    8:00 PM: Free Screening of the Film CROSSING. Location: Woo Lae Oak Korean Restaurant, 8240 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, Virginia 22182 USA. Please RSVP as seating is limited.

    Contacts for D.C. Events: Henry Song at or Hyoju Kim at

    AUSTRALIA: potential coordinator requested, awaiting response

    BELGIUM: contact Willy Fautre at Human Rights Without Frontiers at

    CANADA: contact Kyung B. Lee and The Council for Human Rights in North Korea (Canada) at

    FRANCE: potential coordinator requested, awaiting response

    NETHERLANDS: contact Annet Meester of Open Doors-Netherlands

    Motivating prayers for North Koreans with information posted on their website.

    POLAND: potential coordinator requested, awaiting response

    SOUTH KOREA: Seoul: contact Suh Suk Koo

    Busan: contact Pastor Changho Lim

    Also note in Seoul: regular prayer campaign and vigils every Friday– details at

    UNITED KINGDOM: potential coordinator requested, awaiting response

    JAPAN: contact Kan Andoo; Kan Andoo is coordinating the events in Japan which will include the delivery of a petition to the PRC Embassy it Tokyo, as well as media interviews and visits to political leaders. He will be working to focus attention on the North Korean refugees and will also work with the Japanese groups focusing attention on the abductees being held in North Korea.

    North Korean Refugees

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    Is it worth to escape from North Korea? I personally think it is if you’re starving to death and for the pursuit of freedom but it is told that once the North Korean government finds out one of your family members has escaped, all the other family members suffer great torture for the rest of their lives. That’s why many North Koreans attempt to escape with all their family members besides the fact that they don’t want to be separated. There have been many North Koreans who dream to live in South Korea but it is almost impossible to cross the North-South Korean border because of intense security and land mines that haven’t been removed since the Korean War ended in 1953. So they cross the Chinese-North Korean border. But what would happen if they get caught? There is no excuse-soldiers will shoot you right at the spot. But there are also corrupt North Korean soldiers who help these people out.

    Check out the clips below. It’s truly devastating.

     – Korea out of the North Part I

    – Korea out of the North Part II

    – Korea out of the North Part III