North Korea – South Korea

I’ve been talking about North and South Korea for a couple of months now and as of Korean descent, it is truly regrettable that Korea is technically still at war. Two Koreas are now extremely different in terms of economic stability, political systems, and cultural diversity. Considering all my families living in South Korea and Korea being my mother country, we all need to have our fingers crossed and hope that there won’t be another war. However I am not eligible to stand for the county in a way since I am Canadian and the fact that I didn’t serve in the military as all Korean men do. I have some disadvantages as to living in Korea because I didn’t serve in the military. I get no medical insurance and can’t stay in Korea for more than 6 months in a row, and I have complicated visa runs to be able to work in Korea all because I am of Korean descent who did not serve in the military. But I do not regret having grown up in Canada and eventually becoming Canadian because I don’t see myself 100% Korean. I don’t know how I would have managed to spend time in the army because a part of me has a totally different cultural background. But there are still many things I share with other Koreans. I speak Korean, I look Korean, and I love Korean food…not to say I don’t like Korean ladies. I am going to Korea in a few weeks to visit my family and I will get this big stamp on my passport that says “6 months.” We shouldn’t go back to the past and blame any country or person. Many Korean men are jealous of me because I didn’t have to go to the army. Instead, I partied, met people, and pursued my dreams. I am not as free as other Koreans in terms of living in Korea as a whole but what I can say is that Korea is where my heart belongs and that I cheer for Korea for any international sporting events under any circumstances whether or not it’s Korea vs Canada. I truly hope that both South and North Korea keep healthy political and economic relations and that people around the world help North Korea break out of their system and give North Koreans freedom that we all get.


~ by wesleycho on December 13, 2009.

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