Do South Koreans want reunification with North Korea?


In my personal opinion, “not really.” This is due to the large political and economic differences between the two countries. For more than 50 years since the two separated, South Koreans’ lifestyle has been greatly influenced by the Americans whereas North Korea being the most isolated country in the world has been stabilizing their own unique culture and political system. Now, many South Koreans feel afraid of all the differences they have to deal with once reunification happens.  Economical challenge South Korea will face is another big obstacle. Many South Koreans have also said countries like Russia, U.S., Japan, and China do not want two Koreas to reunify because of the fact that a reunified Korea will create the second largest armed forces in the world. However, separated families of North and South are eager to reunify but it’s regrettable that once those families no longer exist, reunification will be less meaningful.


~ by wesleycho on October 15, 2009.

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