Why do South Korean men go crazy over North Korean women?

North Korea is the most mysterious and least known place in the world. Nobody really knows what it’s like to live there. The only time North Korean citizens are allowed to temporarily leave the country is only when there are sporting events between North Korea and other national teams. In these sporting events, the North Korean cheerleading squad is always in the center of attention as South Korean camera crews are always busy trying to get the best footage of North Korean women. South Koreans have always said North Korean women are much better looking than South Korean women and after these sporting events, South Korean TV networks always air footage of North Korean women they had shot.  They focus on their beauty describing them as “truly gorgeous and spectacular.” Besides the beauty, I think it’s the mysteriousness and the hidden bond that make North Korean women appealing to South Korean men.

The website below shows some pictures and videos of North Korean females.



~ by wesleycho on October 9, 2009.

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