Dating Korean Women


Do Korean women pay for anything when they are out on a date? The answer is “rarely.” In most cases, they expect men to pay everything. Korean women probably do not want to admit but it is the truth. Some women are willing to pay but many do not make the commitment whatsoever and it can be hard for men to tell the girl to pay a little. One girl actually told me that girls should never have to pay and it made her look very selfish. Then why is that? In Korea, it is very common for elders to pay for the younger ones – a lot more practical than in the States. There is this big hierarchy system in Korea where you can’t call everyone “you” or “he.” Your gesture and language will change dramatically as to who you are talking to or who you are talking about. So just like this hierarchy system, it seems almost like a law for men to pay for women and the women get spoiled as they get the feeling that they don’t have to pay for anything. In Korean dramas, it’s very common to see a rich man falling in love with a poor woman. It’s never the other way around. Many women probably dream of dating a rich man just like in a drama and some may not pay because in Korean dramas, women never have to. This works the same way even if the couple is both students.

You’ll be able to see a lot of fashionable Korean women. The money that these women spend on clothing, nails, shoes, bags, and etc takes a big chunk of their salary or allowance from parents. So in fact, a lot of Korean women do not have much money to spend when they go out on a date because they already have spent too much on making themselves look better. So what do men need to do if they can’t spend too much money but you still want to go on a date? Just tell the girl the truth and have her agree to pay a little. The girl might not like it but you might save some money this way. By talking about this, you might break the flow of romance but it could be well worth it because it will save you big bucks in the end. Again, a lot of them will not make the commitment unless you tell them something. Korean men will have to make lots and lots of money if they want to have multiple girlfriends.


~ by wesleycho on September 17, 2009.

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